Youth Engagement

What is Youth Engagement?

Youth engagement empowers youth as valuable partners addressing and making decisions about issues that affect them. And one thing is clear: Young people know their mental health is important and they deserve a say in how it’s supported. Youth engagement means embracing young people’s ideas and perspectives at every level of an organization – including governance, service planning and delivery, and evaluation. It’s about giving up a little bit of control, but trusting it’s still in good hands. – The Ontario Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Healt

As Lead Agency for Children's Mental Health, we are committed to empowering youth and providing opportunities for youth to be part of decision-making about local mental health services.  

For more information, please contact:

mckecra [at] stclairchild [dot] ca (Craig McKenzie), Director of System Operations

mckecra [at] stclairchild [dot] ca

(519) 337-3701 ext. 230