Infants & Children (birth to 6 years)

Infants & Children (birth to 6 years)

All of our Early Years programs are "family- centred". This means that you, the parent, decide on what kind of support you need.  We offer Early Years services through our Infant & Child Development Program and our 0-6 Mental Health Program.  A doctor's referral  is not required, and there are no fees for services.

Infant & Child Development Program 

The early years of a child's life are very important.  Families play a vital role in every child's development. From birth to five years, a child develops at a rapid pace. Physical, social, emotional, behavioural, communication and intellectual development depend in part on experiences provided by the infants's family. The Infant & Child Development Program  supports families in giving their babies and toddlers the best start in life. 

What Do We Do?   

We provide early intervention services to families  of children birth to 5 with, or at risk for, delays in their development. We are one of many Infant & Child Development Programs in Ontario and are members of the Ontario Association of Infant and Child Development.

We will:

• Visit you regularly in your own home or community location • Provide early intervention in all areas of child development • Help you understand your child’s cues and how to respond to them • Help you understand your child's development • Provide information and support for children with delays or at risk for delays in their development • Suggest activities that will help your child gain skills in all areas • Support you in your important job parenting a young child

•We also offer Child Check Clinics in locations across Lambton County in partnership with Ontario Early Years centres. Click here to download the calendar.

0-6 Mental Health Program

"Early years mental health" refers to how well a child develops socially and emotionally from birth to six. 

Our 0-6 Mental Health Services  are designed to support the family’s ability to understand and manage child’s mental health issues in the early years as well as to support the parent/child relationship in contributing to the child’s overall well-being. Early childhood mental health issues may be expressed as regulation, behavioural or social emotional difficulities,.

Options for support may include a parent consultation, children's group programs, parent programs, and/or individual counselling when appropriate. In an initial consultation with you, the parent, we will discuss your concerns for your child, develop strategies that will help, and discuss what services may be helpful.

To speak to someone about our Early Years Mental Health Services (birth to 6 years), or make a referral,  please call Intake at (519) 337-3701 ext. 257

You can also attend our Family Drop In and Resource Centre. To view the program calendar click here.