Youth Justice

Youth Justice Programs & Services

The Youth Court Mental Health Worker Program

The Youth Court Mental Health Worker Program is designed to identify the mental health needs of youth 12-17 involved in the justice system.  The program attempts to intervene at the earliest possible stage of the youth’s involvement in the justice system to determine suitability for diversion.  The YCMHW serves as an identification and consultation service to youth and their families, Crown Attorneys, defense/duty council and Youth Court Judges. 

Positive Options Program

Positive Options Program is designed to assess risk factors that contribute to youth re-offending under the law and provide assistance to help reduce that risk.

Referrals are received from Youth Probation Services.

Section 34 Assessments

These court-ordered assessments are provided for the Ontario Court of Justice.  Section 34 Assessments are received on an on-demand basis and are typically completed within a 6 to 10-week time frame.  The purpose of these assessments is to provide a comprehensive psycho-social and psychological assessment of the youth before the Court, complete with recommendations in efforts to inform the Judge at the time of Disposition.  Recommendations for Disposition must not only balance the needs of the youth and the needs of the community, but must also fall within the parameters of the Youth Criminal Justice Act

Referrals are received from the Ontario Court of Justice in Sarnia, as well as from the Walpole Island First Nation Gladue Court.