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  • Tuesday, August 6, 2013 14:13

    Working Together For Kids' Mental Health News

    by Rick Shields, Co-Chair, WTFKMH Committee / Lambton County

    The Ministry of Children and Youth Services has announced that the inclusion of additional Working Together for Kids’ Mental Health communities has been cancelled.  Instead, the work of WTFKMH will become the responsibility of lead agencies as they are identified as part of the Children’s Mental Health transformation agenda. However, support for the current communities will continue and transit to the lead agency role as those decisions are made and implemented.  The Lambton County initiative will continue in its current structure until the lead agency strategy is operationalized at a date yet to be determined.

    Protocol development has been advancing and we now have finished documents guiding First Episode Psychosis; Section 23 Partnership; Coordination of Service for High Risk Youth as well as protocols in development to coordinate Service to Children and Youth with Autism and facilitating Access to Video-conference Training.

    Additional availability of the Mental Health Literacy Program and Cultural Competence in Serving First Nations is being planned for the community.  New modules on various topics are being developed by the Centre for Excellence for Children’s Mental Health and they will be integrated into the work of WTFKMH as they become available.

    The WTFKMH committee has been pursuing the selection and updating of a service directory which can be used to assist service identification and referral.  Several models have been considered and a determination will be completed in the September 2013 meeting. 

    The committee has undertaken an exercise to gather data to determine areas of effort for the coming year and the outcomes will be addressed in the September 2013 meeting.



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    Mental Health Literacy Workshop


    Working Together for Children’s Mental Health is a provincial strategy to support better outcomes for children and youth with mental health needs.

    Building on the success of the Working Together program, the Ontario Centre for Excellence for Children and Youth has created a mental health literacy initiative.

    The mental health literacy program includes a full day (or 2 half day) awareness workshop for professionals and others working with children and youth in a variety of settings. This training provides an overview of the most common mental health concerns among young people and offers practical strategies that can help those groups address these issues. Warning signs, provision on of ongoing support and identifying opportunities for early intervention will be highlighted. Trainer facilitators will provide the training.

    Learning objectives:

    Provide a common understanding of child and youth mental health difficulties and to promote mental wellness.

    Improve the capacity of professionals (and community members) to identify and respond early to indicators of mental health challenges or difficulties in children and youth.

    Provide opportunities to network, share information and enhance working relationships in communities.


    The workshop is 7hrs in length. It can be provided in two or three sessions if that is more appropriate to the work setting.

    25-40 participants are optimum.

    Interactive exercises, case studies, role plays (volunteers) and extensive materials will be included.

    Sharon Berry Ross

    Email:  sbr64@hotmail.ca  or sharon.berryross@lambtoncollege.ca

    Phone: 519.328.8360



    SafeTALK  - Living Works

    Suicide Alertness for Everyone

    The Sarnia Lambton Suicide Prevention Committee now has several trainers available for the SafeTALK  training  program in the Lambton County area. This training is focused on suicide alertness. The minimum age of training is 15 years and is appropriate for anyone who might want to help. 

    It is a 3hr training (must occur in one session). A certificate of training will be issued upon completion of the training.  

    The cost of the training is $20.00 which includes a Resource book, wallet card and a certificate.

    This internationally recognized training prepares helpers to identify persons with thoughts of suicide and connect them to suicide first aid resources in the community. Most people with thoughts of suicide, either directly or indirectly, invite help to stay safe. Alert helpers know how to identify and work with these opportunities to help protect life. Discussion and practice stimulate learning.

    Participants will be better able to:

    • Move beyond common tendencies to miss, dismiss or avoid suicide
    • Identify people who have thought of suicide
    • Apply the TALK steps(Tell,Ask,Listen and Keepsafe) to connect a person with thoughts of suicide to a suicide first aid interventions caregiver

    More information on the general background of the training is available at www.livingsworks.net.

    If you or your organization would like to participate or host a training please contact Sharon Berry  Ross, Chairperson –Sarnia Lambton Suicide Prevention Committee and leave a message at Canadian Mental Health Association – 519 337-5411.

    The Sarnia Lambton Suicide Prevention committee is committed to the prevention of and education about suicide in our community.



  • Wednesday, December 19, 2012 11:41

    Status Update

    An update on the work going on

    Numerous projects of WTFKMH are either complete or underway.  Here is a summary:

    A meeting was held of stakeholders who are involved in the delivery of autism in order to develop a protocol which clarifies the various roles each play.  An initial draft is currently being circulated to participants to refine the outputs. 

    EBtech our internet supplier has completed the additional web pages to host the activities of WTFKMH, and is now available.

    Examples of services data bases are being identified to assist in developing an accessible and up to date description of services provided by providers in the community.

    A web based survey has been distributed to training participants and an outcome report will be reviewed at the February meeting of the Working Together for Kids' Mental Health Committee.

    December saw the delivery of First Nations cultural compentency training offered to the WTFKMH community, attended by 50 participants.  The Ministry of Children and Youth Services (Youth Justice Branch) sponsored and  Enodmaagejig Social Services delivered a two day workshop designed to assist service providers to understand and accommodate their service efforts in a culturally appropriate manner.

    Our first Mental Health Literacy Training, in partnership with the Ontario Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health, was delivered on Tuesday January 29th at the Dow Youth Centre.  More than 40 participants cutting across a variety of sectors took part in a successful launch of this initiative.