St Clair Child and Youth Services

Working Together for Kids Mental Health

So what is Working Together for Kids Mental Health?

Lambton County is one of 11 locales and counting from across Ontario implementing the Working Together for Kids’ Mental Health strategy to support better outcomes for children and youth with mental health needs. Working Together is implemented at a community level, and is supported by a lead child and youth mental health agency identified for each community. St. Clair Child & Youth Services is the lead agency identified in Lambton County. There are now over 40 child and youth serving professionals participating in the Lambton County project.

Child and youth mental health professionals use a needs assessment and outcome measurement tool to monitor the impact of an intervention and adapt strategies to help ensure the kids’ changing needs are met. Through early identification, clear referral pathways/protocols, consistent assessment and outcome measures, the needs of children and youth are prioritized and kids and their families are engaged early in the identification and decision-making process. As a result, children and youth experience improved mental health outcomes and a more positive service experience.

In Working Together communities, child and youth-serving professionals within health, education, recreation, community-based mental health, First Nations social services, child welfare and youth justice sectors are provided with training on mental health and identification/screening tools so that they can identify kids with potential mental health needs and link them to the right services. Service pathways and referral protocols are developed so that kids access the right service as quickly as possible.